An Open and Shut Case on Property Security

Magna Latch™ is recommended for pool gates.

If you’re going to fence in your yard, you will inevitably choose to install a gate. After all,  a gate provides access and you will want to be able to move conveniently from one part of your yard to another. But you don’t always want access granted to just anyone. A good fence with secure gates and latches will give your home and property added security and protection.

You have choices when it comes to gate hardware, and some of the newer options help prevent a gate from being left open by landscape companies or meter readers. Have you ever come home from work, let the dog out, and then two minutes later you see your dog running loose across the street? All because the lawn care people serviced your yard that day and left the gate open! Self-closing, self-latching gate hardware may be the answer for you.

Read more about gate hardware here, plus tips on wood deck care.


About Long Fence

Since 1945, Long® Fence has provided perimeter security fence systems and related products to residential and commercial customers in the mid-Atlantic region and beyond.
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