Playing with Fire

A grilled burger tastes best outdoors. Try one on your deck or patio.

May means it’s time to plant annuals, clean the porch, and dust off the charcoal grill. Yes, I said charcoal. Gas grills are great, but I still love the flavor of a burger cooked on my kettle grill. What I don’t like is using chemical lighter fluid to start the fire. For years, I used electric starters which work well until you leave them out in the rain or they simply disintegrate after years of use. About two years ago, I discovered the chimney starter.

If you are still among the ranks of those who use a charcoal grill, this nifty item may be perfect for you, especially if you don’t like using chemical starters and want to speed up the process of starting a fire. A chimney starter is simple to use, requiring just newspaper, briquettes and a match. Prices can vary, but you can get a good one for about $15.00.

For other sure-fire grilling tips, click here. And don’t forget that a deck or patio is the perfect backyard setting for your Memorial Day cook-out or just about any other warm weather activity.


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